The first YouTube channel using PVoice’s conversion technology is now online

We are proud to present, Aurora’s Fitness Passion, the first YouTube channel using PVoice‘s voice conversion and cloning technology to generate fitness exercise videos in English from original videos in Mandarin.

Why do this?

  • Although YouTube is the world’s largest video platform accommodating over 2 billion users, these users are caged in the videos of their own language, e.g., English, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Existing solutions, such as subtitle, may not be the most natural way to engage the foreign audience, considering the elderly people in southeast Asian countries.
  • Such big gaps between the populations could be bridged if there is an efficient tool converting videos from one language to another.

Motivated by these observations, PVoice has developed the first ever conversion tool managing to generate videos by replacing the original speech audio by a different language, while maintaining the quality of video watching.

We develop a complete suite of technologies in the design and development of the tool, in order to generate high-quality video with minimal human labor.

  • How can we minimize the efforts of the original content creator, such that he/she only needs to provide the link to the toolbox?
  • How can we generate voices in a different language with similar vocal features to the original speaker?
  • How can we control the speech in a different language to maximize the naturalness of the video?

This blog may not be able to provide complete answers to all these questions above. But you can watch the video below in this blog and experience the power of PVoice’s new conversion technology.

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